• What does Bi-amplified and active mean?
Bi-amped means that each drive unit in the speaker gets its own amplifier channel. Active means the crossover comes before the amplifier in the signal path. The crossover divides a full frequency range into sections so each individual speaker drive unit only reproduces what it was designed to do. In other words it splits the signal so the woofer plays the lows and the tweeter plays the highs.
  • Can I use one speaker?

Yes, we have the option to purchase one speaker if you have a limited budget, a small space or need extra coverage. In this case we sum the stereo signal to mono internally in the amplifier and you can always purchase another speaker later to get the stereo.

  • Can I use my speakers with a subwoofer?

Yes, True Tone speakers can be used with a subwoofer and we will be releasing one in the not too distant future. Consult our factsheet to see how to optimise your True Tones with the use of a subwoofer.

  • What is digital crossover?

In passive crossovers, electrical components, specifically capacitors and resistors are used post-amplification to filter the full frequency range into the desired frequency ranges. A digital crossover is an active (pre-amplification) crossover that uses digital computation rather than analogue circuitry to split the full range signal.

  • Do the grilles affect sound quality?

Naturally anything placed in-front of a loudspeaker will affect the sound waves propagating from the loudspeaker. Our grilles are designed to have minimal effect on the sound quality while providing designs that complement your space. The grilles of course are easily removable so you can use them without a grille if you prefer.

  • Where should I place my speakers?

We recommend placing your speakers at listening height and giving your speakers around 2-5 metres width to create a nice stereo listening field.

  • Can I make my speakers multi-room?

Yes, we provide a complimentary WiFi streaming unit when you purchase a True Tone Classic pair. If you have True Tones in multiple rooms then they can be linked into a multi-room configuration. Alternatively connect your True Tones to a similar device such as a Yamaha music cast or Sonos pre-amplifier and they will work within this ecosystem.